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Courses or tutorials on YT are just a trial mode for IT
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"The best day to become a programmer was yesterday. The next day like this is today"

Ultimate Beginner Programmer Kit is ideal for:

For those who are unsure if programming is for them;
For those who doubt their ability to become a programmer - if they have enough mathematical and logical skills, perseverance, etc;
For those who have decided to enter the IT sphere and are looking for the ultimate guide on how to become a programmer;
For those who have already started their programming journey but are unsure if the technologies they are learning are current, and if they are missing anything in their training.

Junior Dev Blueprint

This is a pack of  two detailed (and highly colorful) PDF plans that outline the path of a programmer from zero to a commercial programmer in JavaScript and TypeScript.

This type of visualisation will help you to understand how much material is ahead of you and when you will achieve your goal.

Simply follow the path and don't complicate your life 😄

Junior Dev Codemageddon

This is access to the Treasure Chest of Fort Boyard. Inside you’ll find:

84 unique and challenging tasks, spread across  13 modules covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

The arrangement according to difficulty level provides a comprehensive and effective learning experience through practice.

Your brains will be busy for at least 400 hours.

You will try different tasks and look at programming (perhaps your future specialty) from as many angles as possible.

Dive deep. Head first

Ultimate 2023
knowledge base

It is an excellent study guide that will accompany you during solving the tasks and will help you understand the the complex programming concepts.

You’ll save dozens of hours searching for relevant materials online. Our Ultimate knowledge base includes 230+ educational materials. Everything verified by our programmers to the last.

We quarterly update the materials. So, forget about  gaining useless knowledge.

Good Practice coding guide

Acquire only good practices
Understand the logic of solving programming tasks
Become more confident in writing code.

In addition to the tasks, you will be able to compare your solutions to the correct answers prepared by our experienced specialists.

The answers are designed to instill in you a "sense of good code".

As a result you will:

You will cover the following technologies:

Regular Price

Junior Dev Blueprint: €29
Junior Dev Codemageddon: €63
Ultimate 2023 Knowledge Base: €58
Good Practice coding guide: €56
Discord community: Priceless

Total: 206+

New Price

Junior Dev Blueprint: €9
Junior Dev Codemageddon: €30
Ultimate 2023 Knowledge Base: €17
Good Practice coding guide: €14
Discord community: Priceless

Total: €40+

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Still hesitating?

Wondering how you can learn through practice without memorising the theory first?

Check out for free the Localhost Academy’s approach by completing three sample tasks.


Well designed roadmaps that bring a lot of practical skills. Tasks are thought provoking and sometimes it takes a while to find the solution. But the knowledge you gain is definitely worth it. I definitely recommend it!
I recommend a mentoring programme in LHA. The tasks are nicely organized, you can get a very good grasp of the basics and more. During the React roadmap I managed to get my first job. It's now my fourth month at the company and I feel that the mentoring helped me a lot in mastering my skills.
Mateusz  Cendlak
I rate the course very positively. Constant contact with the mentor is definitely an advantage. Mentor answers all questions and suggests valuable learning materials. The tasks are very interesting. I definitely recommend it.
Magdalena Badura
You can gain a lot of valuable knowledge here, which will not vanish from our minds. Instead, we will be able to use this knowledge in practice. I recommend it especially to people who are just starting their adventure with programming and to those who already know something.
Kacper Frankowski
This is the place where you will learn how to think while programming. No empty advertising platitudes, just practical knowledge, even a brutally pragmatic approach to the subject. It's not easy, but it's totally worth it!
Kamil Szewczyk

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What technologies covers the ultimate programmers kit?
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