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"In the Localhost Academy, there is one fundamental rule - you will receive as much as you contribute. There are no discounts - if you don't work hard enough, you'll waste your money."

Michal, Academy's graduate

Become a programmer in 3 months
Become a sought-after specialist on the market

Battle-tested 1:1
Mentoring Program

We are practitioners, and the tasks we provide are not the easiest. Our conception can be described as learning by doing, so you will acquire practical knowledge without repeating cliches. During the whole learning process, an experienced mentor will always be by your side. He will guide you through the learning path tailored to your needs and abilities. You can always count on constructive feedback and support.

Work and paid internships

We collaborate with many proven business partners (top IT companies in Poland and abroad). After completing the main course, the vast majority of our graduates start their first internships and employment there. Additionally, we use our contacts to help our graduates find jobs in the IT market.


We shape thinking skills that allow better use and understanding of artificial intelligence. You will learn how to apply good coding practices and understand the mindset that accompanies the best programmers. The knowledge, skills, and competencies you acquire will allow you to solve programming tasks unconventionally. Trust us, your future client or employer will be surprised that you read their mind.

Practice makes perfect, so a Mentoring Program for the demanding

You are training your mindset

As soon as you join the Localhost Academy, your Mentor loads you with challenging tasks regularly. You sweat because these tasks require a lot of effort. To solve them, you use the provided learning materials while improving your efficient searching skills. As a result, you acquire loads of valuable knowledge that will not vanish from your mind and you can easily apply it in practice.

Learning is not easy, but fortunately, you have your Mentor by your side, whom you can regularly bombard with questions on your private chat on Discord. The Mentor's main task is to actively support your learning path. He always listens to your needs, advises, suggests, and helps find the best solutions. The Mentor ensures that you acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary in the rapidly changing IT market as quickly as possible.

You are working hard to achieve your goal

From the very beginning, you know exactly what your learning path will look like and you simply follow this proven course. You don't worry any longer about what you should learn next, but focus on what is most important instead.

You are learning through practice. It's nothing like school, where you must memorize rules to pass a test. Through this method, you begin to understand that learning programming takes time. From now on, stories about mastering programming in 3 months you'll read as fairy tales to children. Patiently, step by step, module by module, you acquire knowledge in the chosen programming language and specialization. If you notice that you are not getting along with the chosen technology, you can always consult with your Mentor to change it and pursue a different direction. Remember, you are not alone - in moments of uncertainty or doubt, besides your Mentor, our student supervisor is there for you.

You are gaining strength (knowledge, skills, competencies)

You develop skills of self-reliance and resilience. After months of learning, you discover how to solve almost any problem using code (not just how to hack a website in a browser).

You no longer want to share the tasks in groups for someone else to do them for you. Now the greatest joy for you is to solve them on your own. Programming excites you. Even the evening beer with friends is no longer as fascinating as a few lines of new code. From now on, you arrive at the answers with your knowledge and know how to apply developed skills in practice. You can handle more complicated tasks and defend your solutions.

You are starting to feel like a real programmer - still thirsty for knowledge and new challenges. Together with your Mentor, you plan the future challenges that will help you gain even better skills and competencies.

You are becoming a programmer with a capital "P"

Programming brings you joy like a good cup of coffee in the morning. You are happy because you notice the effects of your work becoming a fact. You appreciate your immense effort and feel like a "real" programmer. Your portfolio is full of original solutions.

With a smile on your face, you recall the moments of hesitation and the moment when "spitting out" the simplest code was a problem for you. You feel satisfied and want to achieve even more. As a result, when looking at your old code, you can easily find and correct errors. Continuous improvement becomes the basis of your development as a programmer.

After completing the whole course, you can stay as an LHA graduate and start gaining commercial experience in partner companies.

The technologies we teach:

Join Localhost Academy if:

You are switching careers


Do you want some changes in life but don't know how to start and learn to eventually find a job in IT? Are you overwhelmed by the number of unverified programming materials? Have you tried learning programming multiple times but quickly lost motivation? Check out our mentoring program from zero to coder.
You are already coding something


Have you already given programming a shot? Do you already know what you want to specialize in? Do you feel it's high time to systematize your knowledge and get your first job in IT? You are pretty sure programming is for you, but you don't feel 100% prepared for your first job? Check out our program and develop your skills!
You are a junior


The basics are far behind you, but you still want to continue to develop and gain new skills? Do you feel the need to organize your knowledge better? There's no one left in your current job who can teach you something new? Do you want to finally get promoted to a higher position? Start learning at Localhost Academy!
You want a promotion/raise


Do you feel there are still areas where you have gaps in your knowledge? Do you realize that a higher salary requires wider knowledge, skills, and competencies, and you're ready to acquire them? Do you want to change your current job for a better one? Are you sure you want to gain a large amount of new knowledge? You've come to the right place - Localhost Academy is for you!

How to join the Academy?

Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to switch your career? Just a few steps separating you from joining the Localhost Academy:


Let us know by filling out the form
Before contacting you, we want to understand your needs, expectations, and previous programming experience. Filling out this form will take only a few minutes but will help us effectively tailor the offer and assess whether you are ready to join the Localhost Academy.


We get to know each other on a call
Next, we want to get to know you even better. That's why we'll call you and discuss what you would like to learn. During the call, we will also tell you how Localhost Academy works. You can ask us any kind of questions that bother you. The conversation does not oblige you to anything :)


You make a decision
After the call, you have a few days to think over if the conditions and the form of learning with the Mentor suit you. If any doubts arrise, you can always contact us and ask what bothers you. We are always here at your disposal.


You start learning
As soon as you pay the tuition for the first month of study, we introduce you to our IT world. The Mentor will invite you to Discord, where you'll have your first meeting. From this moment, you begin a new and better chapter in your career development!

Who will teach you?

My students leave each meeting with a solid dose of technological knowledge and loads of good programming practices. I never hand ready-made solutions on a platter - if you face difficulties, I'll ask lots of questions to push you to solve the problem yourself and come up with the answer. I'm always happy to discuss and share my point of view on various programming topics.
The classes are loaded with best practices and applying them is the top requirement to get him satisfied. He appreciates and is willing to help students who have actually done their best to get the job done. He has no tolerance for laziness and relying only on the mentor.
The mentor who continuously develops his competences. He is willing  to share his knowledge and experience. From him you will learn where to get knowledge and how to apply it in specific tasks. During his classes, he demands to be specific. The code you send him should not only work, but also to be well thought out.
A programmer who loves searching for interesting concepts and interpret them in his own words. He believes that if someone explains something in a complicated way, this person has not explored the subject well enough.  He demands the same from a student, so if you don't understand something when woken up at three in the morning he will probably bully you through the subject until you understand it.
A python mentor who puts an understanding above all. What matters to him is that the student fully understands what he has done in the task. He is patient with people who had no experience with the technology. In addition to programming, he is also happy to explain those topics around programming itself.
He will help you take your first steps in the programming world. His teaching philosophy is not to give student a fish, but a fishing rod. If a problem occurs, he will give you a hint about where to cast the hook, but it is you who should catch the fish. He values accuracy and self-reliance.
An enthusiast of software engineering in general, and a fan of Test-Driven Development (TDD). He developed in Java first, so no aspects of object-oriented programming are unfamiliar to him. In tasks he puts a great emphasis on solutions that are scalable, modular, and written according to the best practices of a given programming language.
Mentor specializing in building a clean frontend architecture. Claims that TDD can be used in every area of life - figure something out, do it, and then fix it.
It is crucial for him is to teach a student to think like a programmer. As a former lawyer, he hasn't regained his conscience yet, so he will require fixing code until the perfection. He believes that every time a student breaks the rules of clean code, a little panda dies somewhere in the world.

Our students about us:

Apr 25, 2020
I recommend mentoring in LA. The tasks are nicely arranged, and you can get a very good grasp of the basics and more. During the React roadmap, I managed to get my first job. It's now my fourth month in the company, and I feel that the mentoring prepared me a lot for this job.
Apr 25, 2020
I rate the course very positively. Above all, the constant contact with the mentor, who answers all questions and suggests valuable learning materials is really helpful. Very interesting tasks and thorough discussion of solutions. I definitely recommend it.
Apr 25, 2020
Here you can gain a lot of valuable knowledge, which will not disappear from our minds, but you will be able to use this knowledge in practice right away. I especially recommend it to people who are just beginning their adventure with programming and those who already know something.
Apr 25, 2020
This is the place where you will learn how to think like a programmer. No empty advertising promises - only practical knowledge and brutally pragmatic approach to the subject. It's not easy, but it's totally worth it!
Apr 25, 2020
Great place I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn programming. I rate contact with mentor as 11/10
Apr 25, 2020
Definitely worth it!!! I learned more in the first 2 months than I did in over a year of self-study and online courses.
Companies that hire our students:


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