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What does 1:1 mentoring mean?
When do I get the learning materias and should I pay additionaly for them?
When can I start?
How often can I contact my mentor?
What does "no bullshit" means in case of your Academy?
If I don't like the choses learing path, can I change it?
Should I wait for the 15th day of the month to start?
When can I find my first job?
Can I share the tasks I complete on my github?
Who is going to contact me after filling in the contact form?
How long does the mentoring program lasts?
I have quite a lot of time for learning, how often during a week can I contact my mentor?
I'm complitely a beginner and I might need more of mentor's time and attention. Will you charge me more for more frequent contact?
Do you help with getting a first job?
Will mentor have a time for me?
How much time can I spend with mentor? Am I meant to learn during the day time?
Can I take breaks?
I'm not sure what level do I have, will you check it somehow?
Does the price include all the materials and tasks?
Can I contact you if I face an obstacle?
What if I don’t like the materials?
What can I do after completing the full kit?
What technologies covers the ultimate programmers kit?
Will I be able to apply for a job after completing your tasks?